Badger Club Tennis



When are tryouts?

Tryouts are usually within the first two weeks of each semester. Check @badgerclubtennis on Instagram for more details on dates and time.

Where are tryouts?

In the first semester, tryouts are usually located at the Lakeshore tennis courts. During the second semester they are usually located at Nielsen Tennis Stadium.

What is the format of tryouts?

Due to the large turnout, tryouts are usually in the format of half-court groundstroke games. Towards the end, doubles groundstroke games are played.

How many people are taken during tryouts?

Both teams have about 60 players. The amount of players taken is dependent on the amount of seniors who graduate.


What is the difference between the Red team and the White team?

The Red team travels more often and is a more competitive team. The Red team plays in the Sectional and National club tennis tournament. The White team is still a competitive team; however, they travel less than the Red team and practice once a week.

How often do the teams practice?

The Red team practices twice a week on Monday and Wednesday nights. The White team practices once a week on Tuesday night.

How much are dues?

For the Red team, dues are $270 for the full year and $165 for only one semester. Dues will decrease each year you are on the team. Dues for the White team are a flat $180.


How often does the team travel?

The Red team travels to about 3-4 tournaments a semester along with a trip during winter break.

What costs are covered during travel?

On the Red team, the costs covered include rental cars, the Airbnb cost, tournament fees, and $15 a day per person on food. Overall, the only costs paid out of pocket are the plane ticket and some food costs.

Is traveling required?

Traveling is not required; however, it is a great time to meet members and make friendships.

How many people go on each trip?

This depends on how many teams we are able to enter into the tournament. At least 5 guys and 5 girls are able to go on each trip, but we attempt to bring as many people as we can.

Badger Classic

When is the Badger Classic?

The Badger Classic is usually late October or early November. The exact date shifts based on the school year schedule.

How many teams are invited?

The Badger Classic hosts 32 teams total.

Is there a player party?

There is always a player party. Location and time change each year.

How much does it cost to enter a team?

It costs approximately $300 per team to enter.


Can graduate students join the team?

Yes, graduate students are welcome to play on the team.

Can faculty or staff join the team?

Yes, anyone with an email account is welcome to join the team.

Former NCAA Eligibility

Former NCAA players are welcome on the team. Due to NIRSA regulations, they need to wait a year since playing in the NCAA before competing in TOC tournaments. Along with this, only one former NCAA player is allowed on each team playing in a tournament.