Badger Club Tennis

The Badger Classic

Badger Classic 2022: November 11-13


The Badger Classic is one of the largest club tennis tournaments, with 32 different teams competing from around the country.

Held at UW-Madison’s Nielson Tennis Stadium, The Badger Classic is known for its competitive match play and lively atmosphere, with an opportunity to socialize with other teams at the player party.


The tournament starts as pool play, followed by bracket play that is determined by the performance of teams during pool play.

After pool play, every team is placed in a bracket: Gold, Silver, Bronze, Copper. Bracket play starts and finishes on the second day.


Gold Bracket Winner: Northwestern University

Silver Bracket Winner: Wisconsin-Madison

Bronze Bracket Winner: University of Colorado-Colorado Springs

Copper Bracket Winner: Colorado State University

All inquiries can be directed to the Badger Classic Coordinator: Aimee Puz