Badger Club Tennis


The UW-Madison Club Tennis Team was one of the first club tennis teams in the nation. The club is part of TOC, Tennis on Campus, which is the network that supports each club tennis team and the tournaments.

The club is composed of two co-ed teams: Travel Team(Red) and Rec Team(White). The Red team travels all around the nation playing in TOC tournaments with other colleges.

Additionally, the White team travels a bit as well. The Red team practices twice a week and the White team practices once a week. Practices are at night; however, the time varies year to year.

Traveling is one of the best aspects of club tennis. The Red team takes about 8 trips a year and everyone has a blast! The competition is fierce and there's always fun to be had in the Airbnb.

Club Events

Along with the trips, the club hosts two tournaments in Madison. During the fall, the Red team hosts The Badger Classic and in the Spring, the White team hosts the Graham Slam.

During each of these tournaments, there are player parties with the other teams. Along with player parties, the club has a good amount of socials each semester.

Besides the tournaments and socials, the club has does a decent amount of fundraising and volunteering activities. The fundraising events are always fun and allow us to raise money to continue to travel as much as we do.

Volunteering is a large aspect of the club team. Both the Red and White teams volunteer frequently in any form we can. Volunteering events are great ways to meet people on the team and aid a beneficial organization.

Anyone interested in club tennis should feel free to reach out to anyone on the board. Everyone is friendly and would love to help anyone interested.